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Blue Wellplex Color Mask

Blue Wellplex Color Mask

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The first ever ultra pigmented plant-based Wellplex Color Masks are here! All 8
vivid fantasy Color Masks are infused with organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil for
unmatched hair health benefits and create limitless color combinations, from
vibrant neons to perfect pastels. This eye-candy collection grants artists the full
flexibility to customize colors that await in the imagination until brought to life!
Artists may utilize the vivid color masks directly as they come, combine colors
together to create new, or mix in any Wellness Conditioner to any given Color
Mask to soften the hue and achieve desired artistic results! Formulas are ready to
use and no additional chemicals or developers are needed. Gloves are advised for

Instructions: Apply color mask to dry pre-lightened hair (level 8+) and leave on
for a minimum of 15 minutes until your professional discretion to achieve expected
results for the specific concept looking to create. If deciding to dilute the color or
create pastels, simply mix any Wellness Premium Products Conditioner


  • 236ml
  • Clean beauty | No parabens, sodium chloride, or gluten
  • Enriched with organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil
  • Proprietary micro-capsule technology to deliver fresh healing properties
  • Superior plant protein & hydration benefits
  • Noticeable results within the first-time use of the collection
  • Color and vibrance lasts for 1-2 months

Hemp Beauty Benefits: Hemp is the most hydrating seed and most nutritional plant-protein found on the planet! Hemp naturally contains essential fatty acids 3, 6, & 9, vitamins, and essential minerals that promote scalp heath, hair growth, shine, flexibility, and thickness of each follicle while softening the hair texture.

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